Release your child from the pain of loss.

   Death of a loved one

   Loss of a pet


   Move or change of school

Peace of mind, for you and your child.

A healthy response to grief:

   Release from sadness - moving forward in an emotionally healthy way

   Honoring emotions - learning life skills and strategies

    Gentle, heart-centred approach - responding with the heart, not the head


My name is Jennifer and I’ve been in your shoes.

In 2012, I lost my husband to a heart attack, my daughters were six and eight years old. I was deep in pain, frustrated by the lack of resources, and clueless on guiding my children through grief. 

During that time, I made a lot of mistakes, but I learned a lot too. That’s why I developed this program: to offer guidance to adults on how they can help children in their life heal so they can grow from grief.

Today, I’m a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and Growing From Grief Coach who guides adults how to help their children and their families through grief and loss, regardless of the cause. 

A Clear Path to Release Pain

Review timeline of loss

Acknowledge deep emotions

Forgive and let go

This proven step-by-step process enables you to help your child to live a full and free life. You will also learn life-long skills to effectively and confidently navigate future loss.


The Helping Children Grow From Grief program will guide you through a step-by-step process of recovering from grief. The process involves easy-to-follow, online course materials and small group zoom calls so you can participate safely from home! 

Due to the personal and confidential nature of this program, you must be able to join on zoom with your video turned on and our group will be personalized with only 8 participants.


Thursday, 10AM to 12PM PST for 4 Consecutive Weeks

$397 USD

My promise to you and your child:

You will feel safe.
You are free to express your emotions
You will be acknowledged, heard and understood without judgement.

When your child hurts, you hurt too.
Stop the cycle, Live with Joy.

I can help you to build the confidence needed to help children process their emotions from grief. It’s completely possible to get to the source of their emotional pain, regardless of the loss they’re mourning and when it started. Instead of simply waiting for their grief to pass, I can show you how to help them thrive again, safely and effectively. 


for only $397 USD

The choice is yours to help them make a change. 


Stacey S.N. SAYS...

"Generous Jennifer, thank you for sharing your gifts and deeply personal and proven approach to growing through grief.  
Your gentle presence and empathic listening allowed me to be more self-compassionate and vulnerable in my coaching business and approach to all of my relationships."


"Jennifer is a wonderful coach who uses a professional, yet warm and intuitive approach. 

I always felt comfortable in sharing with her and I was always honored and amazed at her deep listening skills. She helped tie the many pieces of our conversations together and always knew the right time to ask the tough question that needed to be asked. 

I highly recommend her as a coach - especially in navigating through a big life change/decision as I was."

Heather P.D. SAYS...

"I always feel empowered to be better after my sessions with Jennifer.

She has a way of making me feel I can accomplish great things by accentuating and celebrating my positive attributes and accomplishments.

She has fresh and interesting ways to bring positive change to my family life. I sincerely appreciate her presence in my life right now."

Widowed Mom from UK says...

"I was very excited to have been given the opportunity to have Jennifer work with me! As a result of us working together, it has helped me put my personal life goals more into perspective.

I am able to have another person really point out what is I want, I need, and what I am looking for. I like many things about working with Jennifer. I like how she really let me open up about what’s going on in my life with my goals, finances, personal affairs, etc...

I appreciated her honesty and feedback she gave me and the structure that came with it. I am now able to really reevaluate what my plans are at this time in my life.

Three other major benefits I have found from working with Jennifer are my ability to organize my goals in a better way, my motivation and confidence have increased, and I am now more focused on what it is I truly want out of my life! I would definitely recommend Jennifer as a life coach to others. I feel her professionalism can only help others move forward with their ambitions, goals, and lifelong dreams.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity and time to work with Jennifer. She is defiantly an amazing, professional and charismatic woman. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all of the help and encouragement she has brought fourth; into my life."

Jo H. says…

“I found my session with Jennifer really helpful and comforting. She knew exactly where I was coming from and gave me an immediate feeling of hope for the future.

Talking to Jennifer, knowing she had been through what I had been through helped me look at where I am and more importantly where I want to be…..

I will admit I was going to cancel last minute but didn’t and I am soooo glad I didn’t. I can’t wait for my next session and can’t thank Jennifer enough for providing me with the opportunity to  focus on how I can improve my quality of life and start living again.”

Rohanna Law says…

"Jennifer's authenticity as a coach, as a leader and as a human being inspired me to be my authentic self and to really bring it. 

To be vulnerable, honest and to also get my arse in gear! Her genuine curiosity combined with excellent questions provoked, stimulated and challenged me to really think and ultimately enabled me to take action with greater clarity and courage.

Jennifer manages to balance being incredibly kind and understanding whilst also being able to tell you straight and cut through any crap you might be hiding behind.

I can't recommend her highly enough. This is one incredible woman and it was an absolute privilege to be coached by her."

Widowed Mom from UK says...

"I felt stuck in a kind of limbo, a shadow of my former self and living a life `on empty’ as though on a perpetual hamster wheel. Along with her supportive coaching skills and training in grief recovery.

I found new impetus and energy to focus on me and have pride, gratitude and desire again. Although my husband diedsome 10 years ago in a road traffic accident, it is only now, with Jennifer’s help that I am starting to find my essence, vibrancy and love of life and start to feel recovered from the untimely and sudden death of a most amazing husband and father.

I find Jennifer to be an incredibly warm, supportive, empathic and knowledgeable person, mother and life coach. As I reflect on those things in life for which I am grateful, I have to say dear Jennifer that I am so, so very grateful to you for the support you give and work you do. And to paraphrase Buzz Light Year;Here’s `To Thriving and Beyond’.
Much love Joy."

Widow from Victoria BC says...

"Always positive, Jennifer pays close attention to all my words and recalls things I could revise in a different way. Jennifer helped me by helping me to understand I wasn’t leaving my husband to the side, but that I was leaving my pain.

I would highly recommend Jennifer as a coach for this method. Many people would benefit from her guidance...grievers,  divorcees, job terminations, losses...there’s just a whole host of applications!"

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